Fighting the Freshman Fifteen - A College Woman's guide to Getting Real About Food and Keeping the Pounds Off

About the Author

Robyn Flipse

Robyne Flipse

Robyn Flipse has been a registered dietitian providing individual and group counseling for nutrition and eating disorders for more than twenty-five years. In her vast experience with children, teens and adults, she has learned all of the reasons why people gain weight at different stages of the life cycle and how to prevent it and reverse the pattern if it has already begun.

Her insight into the most common times for gaining weight and not losing it led her to write her first book, The Wedding Dress Diet. Now she is reaching out to young women who want to avoid the inevitable weight gain that can accompany their freshman year.

Flipse's professional expertise is complemented by the anecdotes of two sisters, Marisa and Marchelle Bradanini, who share their own experiences of gaining weight once in college. They also created the fifty recipes that appear in the book -- ones they used to get back to their original weights and to maintain them until they graduated.

Robyn Flipse has written another book, The Wedding Dress Diet.

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