Fighting the Freshman Fifteen - A College Woman's guide to Getting Real About Food and Keeping the Pounds Off

Book Review

The Dallas Morning News

By Leslie Garcia - September 6, 2002

Gee whiz, as if the freshman year of college doesn't come with enough concerns - potluck roommates, 500 kids in one class, wondering whether your little sister has taken over your room at home - you also have to worry about your weight. Specifically, the 15 big ones that often pile up during the first semester alone. Temptations lurk: In-dorm toaster ovens and microwaves; open-all-the-time cafeterias; pizza with new friends; parties galore. This book includes the basics, such as calorie counting (400 for a mall-type Parmesan pretzel) and reading food labels (the number of calories may seem low, but check to see how many servings the package supposedly contains!). Learn how to tell portion size; you may be fooling yourself. It offers tips for eating at all-you-can eat buffet lines (wear something fitted; don't finish anything that doesn't taste great) and suggestions on what foods to keep in your dorm room. There are busters for boredom (instead of eating, find friends and double-dutch jump rope instead), and ways to keep other people from heading you off the track. Plus, learn benefits of exercise and what goodies you can easily make in your dorm room.

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